This is project 2 of Cluster and Cloud Computing (COMP90024) Semester 1, 2019, University of Melbourne, named “TrackHub”. TrackHub is a real-time platform that could track the twitter user and theirpost content. Our system analyzes the text and image posted by the user. Theresults will be grouped by geolocation bounding box for further analysis. Thefrontend will also able to load AURIN data to build the data visualizations.Currently, our system focuses on three of the seven deadly sins, the Lust, theWrath, and the Gluttony.

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Project Background

  • Build a cloud based scalable system that can track Twitter user movement. The software system should be easy be maintain and fault-tolerant.
  • Ability to analysis the text and image content of the Tweets based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The data analysis section should also be easy to scale or add additional models to analyze the different content.

Source Code

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