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Whistle Proxy

Front-end development environment switching artifact

During the development process, it is often the case that the back-end API is not yet complete or not published to the required environment.

In order not to block the front-end development, we can use whistle to proxy the request.




This is project 2 of Cluster and Cloud Computing (COMP90024) Semester 1, 2019, University of Melbourne, named “TrackHub”. TrackHub is a real-time platform that could track the twitter user and theirpost content. Our system analyzes the text and image posted by the user. Theresults will be grouped by geolocation bounding box for further analysis. Thefrontend will also able to load AURIN data to build the data visualizations.Currently, our system focuses on three of the seven deadly sins, the Lust, theWrath, and the Gluttony.

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Socket Dictionary


This is project 1 of Distributed Systems (COMP90015) Semester 2, 2018, University of Melbourne. The program implemented a dictionary server and a client through multiple threads and sockets. The dictionary system follows a Client-Server structure with a thread-per-connection architecture. Dictionary datafile uses JSON format with a Java version of 8 and maven version of 3.5 for packaging jar files.

Download the source code



Docker Learning Notes


  • Series of Docker Learning Notes are based on:
    OS:Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    Java version:Jdk 1.8

What is Docker?


  • Docker’s idea comes from cargo containers. What problem can cargo containers solve? For example, goods can be put in order on a large ship and all kinds of goods are standardized by containers, containers and containers do not interact with each other so that we don’t need a special fruit ship or a chemical carrier. As long as these goods are properly packaged in containers, we can transport them with one large ship. Docker is a similar idea like this. Cloud computing is now very popular, and cloud computing is like a big cargo ship while docker is a container. Read More...
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