CVM Monitoring

CVM Monitoring #

  1. Click Add Query button in a new panel, navigate to the first Query tab.
  2. Select Queries to Tencent Cloud Monitor Datasource.
  3. The input parameters are aligned with Tencent Cloud Monitoring API documentation.
    • The Namespace is for example QCE/CVM.
    • The Region list will be automatically retrieved according to the Namespace seleciton.
    • The MetricName list will be retrieved after Namespace and Region are selected.
    • The Period list will be retrieved after MetricName is selected.
    • The Instance corresponds to Instance.N in the input params.
      • In order to adapt to the habits of different users, the instance list will be displayed in different fields, default field is As InstanceId. There are other options such as As InstanceName, As PrivateIpAddress and As PublicIpAddress.
      • Please refer to this documentation of how to configure instance params. Toggle Show Details to see detailed instance query parameter. The default params are Offset = 0 and Limit = 20.
      • Note: In this app, a single query of monitoring data is an atomic operation, that is, to query the monitoring data of a certain metric of a certain instance, so the instance can only be single-selected. If you need to query the monitoring data of multiple instances, click on the Add Query button in upper right corner of the page.
      • Show Details toggle button will only show when not selecting template variables.

CVM Panel Query