Configure Datasource #

Tencent Cloud Monitor Grafana App Plugin retrieves monitoring data of each cloud product metrics by calling the Cloud Monitoring API, and configures the data source of the corresponding cloud product through the following steps.

  1. Hover Settings Icon in the side menu and select Data Sources. Datasource Add
  2. Click Add data source on the top right corner of the page and select Tencent Cloud Monitor Datasource data source. Datasource Add
  3. Name is the data source name, default name is Tencent Cloud Monitor Datasource.
  4. SecretId and SecretKey are the security certificate information required to call the Cloud Monitoring API. Both can be retrieved through the Tencent Cloud console Cloud API key page;
  5. Toggle Cloud Products to enable/disable.
  6. Click Save & Test button to test the connection, the data source can be used in the Dashboard after the connection is successful. Datasource Config